KITEMILL develops a breakthrough wind technology based on stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes (500 – 1500 meters).

Airborne wind energy reduces the levelized cost of energy with 50% due to 90% less material usage combined with an increased energy yield.

Furthermore, the geographical market increases as airborne wind energy is less sensitive to wind conditions close to the ground.



Thomas presents Kitemill at Enel Innovation Lab.jpg

3 August 2018 14:40

Kitemill visiting ENEL

As a beneficiary received grants from EU’s SME Instrument program, Kitemill was invited to Italy and Enels Innovation Lab at Sicilia.


2 May 2018 07:50

Duration record set in April

On the path to continuously operation the team set a record April. The Kite was operated beyond the limitation of the onboard battery and was landed with the same battery voltage as it had at take-...


2 April 2018 08:25

Permission granted

Kitemill has been granted permission to operate the 30kW plant at Lista. The permission is valid 24/7. This approval allows parallel operation with use of the runway at Lista Airport, proving that ...


20 February 2018 13:50

Narve Rio, Kitemill. Analysis and market employee

"In my many years of assistance and development aid, I quickly understood what was most sought after. That was neither food nor money. It was simply simple, easily accessible and cheap electric pow...

Kitemill - VTOL testing.jpg

18 September 2017 13:02

Technical achievements at Kitemill with vertical take-off and landing

After completing its test program, Kitemill did a series of successful vertical take-offs and landings. The kite for its 30 kW plant , called Spark, at Lista Fly and Næringspark behaved according t...


17 August 2017 15:34

Kitemill at Vivatech in Paris and at the AWE-conference in Freiburg

Kitemill participated at the large conference VivaTech in Paris in the middle of June 2017. The general manager Thomas Hårklau and the technical manager Lode Carnel informed about Kitemill its tech...

Kitemill Team.jpg

The Kitemill team gathered at Kitemill's workshop at Lista. From left: Christer Svenkerud, Sture Smidt, Frank Olav Øyen (visitor), Thomas Hårklau, Espen Oland, Stig Magne Olsen, Lode Carnel and Jo Grini.

Strong team for the future

Employees in Kitemill is the company's most important resource. 

Together our staff got expertise and long experience in the development of new renewable energy environment. They all have different tasks and functions of the company.

The sum of our work driver Kitemill steadily forward in the development of new Norwegian technology.


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