Kitemill develops Airborne Wind Energy (AWE)


Our vision is to play a significant role towards a zero emission society.


Further, we aim for improved efficiency by scaling up and pushing LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) down, to phase out existing, polluting coal and gas utilities world wide.


  • Only 10 % of materials used for AWE, compared to conventional wind turbines.
  • High energy density from the strong and consistent winds at 500 – 1500 meters above ground level (agl).
  • efficient use of wind with 3 dimensions and less ”wind-shadow”  from other kites in the windfarms.
  • Geographical market for wind energy will expand, as wind at altitude is available around the globe, above 500 meters agl.
  • Footprint minimized with low use of materials. No need for construction roads, only grid connection. Kite turbines can be removed with few traces.
  • Kites barely visible from the ground.