KITEMILL develops Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) technology based on the strong and consistent winds at altitudes 500 – 1500 meters above ground level. AWE will be especially suited to change the global energy mix as the Levelized Cost of Energy will drop due to reduced investment cost combined with increased energy yield. The geographical market increases as AWE not are as sensitive to near ground wind conditions as conventional wind turbines.




10 January 2017 08:55

New aircraft developed by Kitemill

A new Norwegian aircraft was flying for the first time in the end of 2016 when Kitemill did its successful test flight at Lista airport. This is the first an aircraft made in Norway is to produce r...

Kjell Jostein Bø.png

10 January 2017 08:00

Crowdfunding success of Kitemill

22nd of Desember, Kitemill closed a successful funding campaign. The aim was to attract new investors to the company, to make the company's environmental friendly solutions available soon enough fo...

Crowdfunding 3.png

24 November 2016 08:18

Kitemill's crowdfunding campaign is now open

Kitemill has launhced a funding campaign at the Invesdor crowdfunding platform. For a time limited period it is easy to become a shareholder of Kitemill.

Kitemill - Bergen Næringsråd Års.jpg

21 November 2016 17:07

Kitemill displays green energy technology at the Zero Conference

Kitemill presents its green, climate friendly energy solution at the Zero conference. This happens November the 24th 2016 at Folketeateret and Folkets Hus in Oslo. Several of Norway’s most profiled...

Lode Carnel.jpg

23 September 2016 07:45

Kitemill present at Wind Energy Conference in Germany and Norway

There is huge interest in Kitemill its airborne wind energy technology. Now Kitemill has been invited to the large energy conference in both Germany and Norway. Kitemills CTO Lode Carnel will at th...

Ivar Singstad.jpg

3 February 2016 22:38

Innovation Norway with strong believe in Kitemill

- We've had the pleasure of working with Thomas Hårklau and the Kitemill team for many years. They have been professional and have built stone by stone from day one. Like other talented entrepreneu...

Kitemill team.jpg

Kitemill-team at its offices at Lista Airport, October 2015. From the left: Lode Carnel, Sindre Devik, Jo Grini, Sture Smidt, Thomas Hårklau og Christer Svenkerud. Foto: Jørn Lekve, Kitemill.

Strong team for the future

Employees in Kitemill is the company's most important resource. 

Together our staff got expertise and long experience in the development of new renewable energy environment. They all have different tasks and functions of the company.

The sum of our work driver Kitemill steadily forward in the development of new Norwegian technology.


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