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KITEMILL develops Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) technology based on the strong and consistent winds at altitudes 500 – 1500 meters above ground level. AWE will be especially suited to change the global energy mix as the Levelized Cost of Energy will drop due to reduced investment cost combined with increased energy yield. The geographical market increases as AWE not are as sensitive to near ground wind conditions as conventional wind turbines.




20 February 2018 13:50

Narve Rio, Kitemill. Analysis and market employee

"In my many years of assistance and development aid, I quickly understood what was most sought after. That was neither food nor money. It was simply simple, easily accessible and cheap electric pow...


9 January 2018 19:23

NEXTWIND - EU project

An EU Horizon 2020 project has been completed by Kitemill. "Horizon 2020 funds high-potential innovation developed by SMEs through the SME instrument. The SME instrument offers Europe's brightest a...

Kitemill - VTOL testing.jpg

18 September 2017 13:02

Technical achievements at Kitemill with vertical take-off and landing

After completing its test program, Kitemill did a series of successful vertical take-offs and landings. The kite for its 30 kW plant , called Spark, at Lista Fly and Næringspark behaved according t...


17 August 2017 15:34

Kitemill at Vivatech in Paris and at the AWE-conference in Freiburg

Kitemill participated at the large conference VivaTech in Paris in the middle of June 2017. The general manager Thomas Hårklau and the technical manager Lode Carnel informed about Kitemill its tech...


27 June 2017 15:23

Having a Ph.D. on controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The project to fly kites, or planes, unmanned and autonomous over longer production periods will soon achieve a break-through. On the first of August 2017 Dr. Espen Oland will start as the head of ...

Manoj at Lista.jpg

10 March 2017 15:21

Students from Europe complete their master using Kitemills technology

The interest among engineering students for Kitemill its technology is strongly increasing. During the last year, there was a large availability of students that took their master degree on Kitemil...

Kitemill team.jpg

Kitemill-team at its offices at Lista Airport, October 2015. From the left: Lode Carnel, Sindre Devik, Jo Grini, Sture Smidt, Thomas Hårklau og Christer Svenkerud. Foto: Jørn Lekve, Kitemill.

Strong team for the future

Employees in Kitemill is the company's most important resource. 

Together our staff got expertise and long experience in the development of new renewable energy environment. They all have different tasks and functions of the company.

The sum of our work driver Kitemill steadily forward in the development of new Norwegian technology.


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