KITEMILL develops a breakthrough wind technology based on stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes (500 – 1500 meters).

Our solution reduces the levelized cost of energy by 50% due to 90% less material usage combined with an increased energy yield.

Furthermore, our technology opens access to additional wind resources which substantially increases the geographical market for financially viable wind energy.



DavidAinsworth 7.jpg

23 October 2020 16:02

- Kitemill is truly sector leading

The highly respected Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) expert David Ainsworth is now a senior advisor for Kitemill. The company general manager, Thomas Hårklau, is very pleased that David Ainsworth now is...

200915 Otto.jpg

15 September 2020 16:10

New QHSE manager with long management experience from Avinor

Otto de Besche is Kitemill's new quality manager, with responsibility for the company's quality, health, environment and safety. He has over 40 years of experience from the air traffic service, Avi...

IEA TEM102.png

11 August 2020 09:22

The IEA focuses on airborne wind in large energy workshop

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is now putting a sharp focus on airborne wind energy in a large conference that will be held digitally on 23. and 24. September 2020. On the landing page of th...


18 June 2020 15:37

Innovation Norway director brought Kitemill forward in speech

In the annual innovation speech held by the CEO of Innovation Norway, Håkon Haugli cited Kitemill as one of the examples of Norway's future growth.

Frederik Mowinckel-09.jpg

8 June 2020 19:59

Investor and environmental activist Frederik W. Mowinckel - Kitemill is a leader in renewable energy

The well-known businessman, factory owner, investor and mentor to a number of environmental technology and renewable energy companies, Frederik W. Mowinckel is clear in his speech when he mentions ...

Trond Hammerstad - hovudbilete.jpg

4 June 2020 09:06

The well-known aviator Trond Hammerstad employed in Kitemill

- The position in Kitemill is spot-on for me. This is what I have been working on ever since the boy days, says the famous model airplane builder Trond Hammerstad. He joined Kitemill 1st of May, 2020.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 881193.





Kitemill Team.jpg

The Kitemill team gathered at Kitemill's workshop at Lista. From left: Christer Svenkerud, Sture Smidt, Frank Olav Øyen (visitor), Thomas Hårklau, Tallak Tveide, Espen Oland, Stig Magne Olsen, Lode Carnel and Jo Grini.

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