KITEMILL develops a breakthrough wind technology based on stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes (500 – 1500 meters).

Our solution reduces the levelized cost of energy with 50% due to 90% less material usage combined with an increased energy yield.

Furthermore, the our technology access to resources which makes the geographical market for financially viable wind energy increase substantially.




5 May 2020 11:40

- Kitemill is among the leaders which will supplement conventional wind energy

- Wind power has come to stay. It is renewable, clean, environmentally friendly and safeguards our common globe. For almost 50 years, wind turbines have been massively supported by authorities in s...


3 April 2020 19:00

Kitemill with ordinary operation at the Lista site

Large parts of both Norway and the world have shut down ordinary business, schools and kindergartens as a result of the Corona virus. In Kitemill, several of the company's employees are in regular ...

Bilde Manoj 2.jpg

3 April 2020 16:24

New employee at Lista

Manoj Mandru from India has now been hired as an engineer in aerodynamics, design and construction of kites. His place of work is at Kitemill's branch office at Lista.


27 February 2020 10:57


Norwegian Kitemill AS has acquired the intellectual property assets of Scottish KPS (Kite Power Systems). Kitemill absorb the KPS assets and continue development in Norway where they plan to set u...

TH acceler.jpg

31 January 2020 19:39

Kitemill with 2019 status and plans for 2020 on Youtube

The latest news on the company's development is now on Youtube. Check out this movie from "Game Changers - Norwegian investor summit 2019", where Kitemill's CEO Thomas Hårklau gives a brief update ...


2 December 2019 21:48

Airborne Wind Energy central theme in scientific report

The technology used by Kitemill to create sustainable energy was recently highlighted as central in a report recently published in the highly acclaimed Elsevier

Kitemill Team.jpg

The Kitemill team gathered at Kitemill's workshop at Lista. From left: Christer Svenkerud, Sture Smidt, Frank Olav Øyen (visitor), Thomas Hårklau, Tallak Tveide, Espen Oland, Stig Magne Olsen, Lode Carnel and Jo Grini.

Strong team for the future

Employees in Kitemill is the company's most important resource. 

Together our staff got expertise and long experience in the development of new renewable energy environment. They all have different tasks and functions of the company.

The sum of our work driver Kitemill steadily forward in the development of new Norwegian technology.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 881193.


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